All tutus are full. They are made with lots of tule. I now use elastic instead of ribbon for the waist. Therefore, prices have been adjusted.  Tutus range in price according to size and special request such as adding ribbon, rhinestones, custom bow, or shimmer/glitter tule.

Prices are as follows for a standard tutu (without an attached bow):
Size 0 to 24 months -$13
Size 3 to 6 -$18
Size 7 to 10/12 -$23
Size 14 kids to juniors size 3 - $28
Juniors size 5 to 9- $33
Add $2 more for Forth of July tutu with stars and $3 more for the lady bug tutu
For other sizes please email me @ for a prize quote

Prices for extras are as follows:
1.)Hanging ribbon-   $2-$6
depending on size of tutu

2.)Rhinestones added throughout- $2-$6
depending on size of tutu

3.) Attched one layer bow such as the 4th of July tutu's shown above- $1.00-$3.00
depending on size of tutu or bow

4.)Custom attached bow such as the tutu below and the first two above- $5-$7
depending on size of tutu or bow

When ordering, please remember to specify, colors, size, waist measurements if possible, and the number option of any extras.